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G Fuel Energy Crystals is Gamma Labs’ unique new way to fuel

g fuel energy crystals

Gamma Labs has introduced a unique, all-new way to fuel yourself and we have to say, it sounds quite interesting. The product is called G Fuel Energy Crystals, which somehow manages to squeeze an energy enhancing experience into edible popping crystals.

According to Gamma Labs, its G Fuel Energy Crystals feature the same energy powering formula found in its flagship supplement G Fuel. Inside the brand’s reliable energy and focus boosting formula are ingredients such as taurine, n-acetyl-l-carnitine, tyrosine, an antioxidant blend, and 150mg of caffeine.

G Fuel Energy Crystals come in light 12g tubes, a weight that suggests each tube probably packs the same experience as a single serving of G Fuel, although we obviously can’t confirm that yet. The product has also been pictured in three flavors with Blue Ice, Sour Cherry, and Green Apple.

Gamma Labs is currently aiming to have its unique looking G Fuel Energy Crystals out and available sometime next month. The brand has put together a giveaway as well, where you could be one of the first to try the energy infused popping crystals.

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