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Jerry Ward’s collagen and biotin infused Essential Amino Plus has arrived

gifd labs essential amino plus

Jerry Ward has officially released his third GIFD Labs supplement with the comprehensive EAA formula, Essential Amino Plus. As previously confirmed the product features the combination of three main ingredients with all nine EAAs, collagen, and biotin.

The aminos in Essential Amino Plus are there to help with muscle recovery and repair, while the other two features are there to support tendon repair and promote a healthier metabolism. Unfortunately, the facts panel for the supplement has yet to be shared, so we don’t know what the doses of any of the ingredients are.

You can now purchase the new GIFD Labs supplement through Jerry Ward’s official website at Essential Amino Plus comes in the one 30 serving flavor with Mango Lemonade and is available at $37.99 for a single tub or $35 each with the slightly more cost-effective two tub pack.