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Introducing Hydration Junkie, the multitasking water jug

Hydration Junkie is a new, one-of-a-kind, multitask jug that may just be your new favorite workout accessory. The product takes things to the next level in terms of water jugs by including a number of features that make it more than your average water transporter.

The jug itself has a massive three-liter capacity with a robust side handle as well as a four-finger carrying handle attached to the top. The lid is also quite a unique feature as it is essentially a lid on a lid, where you can screw off the whole thing for a wide opening, or just the small cap on top to drink from.

hydration junkie

Where the Hydration Junkie truly sets itself apart from all of the other jugs out there is with its non-jug features. Firstly it comes with a 3M card sleeve to stash your cash and essential cards, a magnetic attachment to stick your phone to for convenience as well as selfies, and a detachable carabiner keychain.

The Hydration Junkie is intended to be an all-in-one type water jug and based on what we’ve seen, it seems to be exactly that. It has all of the functions of your typical jug along with some convenient features that’ll make getting around the gym that little bit easier.

hydration junkie

To start out, Hydration Junkie is running a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise its goal of $12,500. The brand has put together a number of backer options for the campaign where if you get in early you can get one of the jugs in Majestic Pink or Smoky Black for as low as $20 each.

Hydration Junkie is aiming to start shipping its all-in-one jug in two months’ time in September. At the moment the brand is just over a quarter of the way to its $12,500 Kickstarter goal with a total of 100 backers and 36 days to go.