Hydroxycut Slay is a new mini pill fat burner from the Hydroxycut brand

hydroxycut slay

The fat burning brand Hydroxycut, responsible for supplements such as Hydroxycut Platinum, Hydroxyut Black, and Hydroxycut Gummies. Has introduced its next evolution in the popular weight loss category with Hydroxycut Slay, featuring Micro Capsule Technology.

Like all of Hydroxycut’s products, its all-new Hydroxycut Slay is primarily designed to help you lose weight. It also promises explosive energy and enhanced mental focus, all packed into a Micro Capsule, which appears to simply be a smaller than usual pill.

hydroxycut slay

As far as its formula goes, Hydroxycut Slay features a combination of seven transparently dosed ingredients. You can see the supplement’s full list of features in the label above including highlights such as 10mcg of huperzine A, 200mg of green coffee bean, 20mg of grains of paradise, and a strong 220mg of caffeine.

Hydroxycut Slay is not yet available, but it does already have a listing over at the online retailer Amazon. Based on that listing being up there, Hydroxycut’s latest fat burner will probably get a full launch sometime soon.