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Mocha Cappuccino Animal Snak confirmed in possible variety pack

mocha cappuccino animal snak

Animal recently confirmed details about the rebranding of its delicious protein packed Animal Snak. With that information the brand also mentioned that another flavor for the protein bar would be launching soon, however, it didn’t provide the name or any clues for the flavor.

This week an all-new Animal Snak flavor has been revealed thanks to the preview of a variety pack concept for the protein bar. The new option is Mocha Cappuccino which has been pictured in the mix with Animal Snak’s other five flavors in a six-bar variety set.

At the moment Animal is only playing with the idea of an Animal Snak variety box, although the Mocha Cappuccino flavor seems very real. Either way, it looks like the brand will continue to give attention to its growing real food protein bar after releasing flavor number five for it just a couple of weeks ago.