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BPS stops production of its colorful, DMAA powered Not4Pussy


BPS Pharma has stopped production of its original Not4Pussy pre-workout supplement that featured a more colorful piece of artwork on the front of its tub. Formula wise it came with a fairly stimulant heavy combination including 325mg of dicaffeine malate, alpha GPC, and DMAA.

While BPS Pharma has now dropped its colorful Not4Pussy, it still has plenty of other pre-workout competitors on the market. Also still available for fans of the European brand are the gray version of NotPussy and the more recently released Not4Pussy RoidRage which features DMHA (juglans regia).

BPS Pharma has also said that it does plan to bring back the colorful Not4Pussy at some point, although not in Europe. The brand actually hopes to relaunch it in the US later down the road, however, it will have a different set of ingredients.