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Protein Break Bar looks like a candy bar but with less than a gram of sugar

After officially unveiling its delicious looking Protein Break Bar a month or so ago in May, Novo Nutrition has now made it available. The innovative brand’s all-new snack has made its way to the major European distributor Prometeus, with stores in the area expected to be getting the product very soon.

Novo Nutrition’s new Protein Break Bar is a protein-infused, sweet chocolate snack that looks a lot like a pair of Kit Kat sticks. The product comes with two, gluten-free wafer sticks per pack that are coated in a thick milk chocolate, that knowing Novo Nutrition, probably taste a lot like the real thing.

The nutrition profile of Novo Nutrition’s Protein Break Bar includes a light 3.3g of protein, 8.1g of carbohydrates with less than a gram of that sugar, 8.5g of fat (5.2g saturated), and 113 calories. Those numbers are for two of the product’s wafer sticks, so you can half them if you have just the one.

novo protein break bar

The above macros obviously don’t match up to your typical protein bar, however, we feel the idea with this one is to look at more as a candy bar alternative. With very little protein and less than a gram of sugar, we suspect the bar will taste pretty close to the real thing, but with a much better nutrition profile.

As mentioned, Novo Nutrition’s latest protein creation is now available over in Europe through its distribution partner Prometeus. The Protein Break Bar comes in the one mouthwatering, chocolate flavor, and can be found in boxes of 25 two stick packs.