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Bio ATP from Nutristat features revolutionary orally soluble ATP

nutristat bio atp

The innovative supplement company Nutristat, has unleashed its new, very promising product, Bio ATP. The brand’s latest creation claims to be a muscle science breakthrough featuring revolutionary orally soluble ATP to deliver some exciting benefits.

The main ingredient in the new Nutristat Bio ATP is triacetyladenosine dosed at 250mg and developed by famed chemist Patrick Arnold. As mentioned, Bio ATP features orally soluble ATP, that the brand has put together some strong explanations on which go over what makes it so revolutionary.

“ATP, once converted to adenosine, becomes vulnerable to deaminase and such has poor solubility. To protect this rapid deterioration, [Patrick] Arnold attached an acetate ester to protect the adenosine. All three hydroxyl groups are made into acetates therefore forming triacetyladenosine.”

The list of benefits for Nutristat’s breakthrough Bio ATP is promising and is extremely exciting for anyone that likes better pumps in the gym. After throwing back a serving of Bio ATP 30 minutes before your workout, the supplement aims to enhance vascularity, increase performance output, and improve pumps.

As you’d imagine, being the breakthrough that it is, the price on Nutristat’s new Bio ATP isn’t like a lot of other pump products out there. On The brand’s website its latest innovation will cost you $59.99 for a 40 capsule bottle, which is only 20 servings if you use its maximum of two capsules per workout.