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Olympus Labs is launching a unique protein powder in September

olympus labs protein powder

Olympus Labs has announced that it’s about to launch an exciting new supplement for a category, that despite the brand being quite well spread, it’s not currently competing in. The upcoming product is a long-awaited Olympus Labs protein powder, that’s apparently been a year in the making, and is said to be very different from most other proteins.

What we know so far about the supplement is that it will have more than just protein sources in the formula. It is being promoted with the line “double the power of your protein” which suggests the product will be using the patented Velositol, an ingredient that’s proven to double the power of protein synthesis.

The flavors of the Olympus Labs protein powder are also said to be pretty damn good, combining an enjoyable balance of taste, texture, and consistency. There will be a total of five flavor options to choose from, all of which have extra flavor pieces in the powder such as real cereal pieces.

Olympus Labs is currently aiming to have its promising protein powder out and available in six weeks’ time. That means if everything goes to plan, the brand should have the supplement launched in the first half of September near the Olympia.