Primabol is an all-in-one muscle builder powered by phosphatidic acid

Jul 3rd, 2018

Primeval Labs has unleashed its long-awaited muscle building supplement Primabol, that’s designed to deliver a promising combination of benefits. The formula is all based around just the one non-hormonal ingredient, making it ideal to use for both men and women.

The main ingredient powering Primeval Labs’ all-new Primabol is Mediator branded phosphatidic acid, dosed at 1.5g per six-capsule serving and providing 50% phosphatidic acid. The ingredient has a lot of positive research backing it, which is why Primeval is promoting it with such an attractive list of benefits.


Highlights from some of the phosphatidic acid studies include a 2.6% increase in lean body mass and more than twice as much fat loss compared to a control group. Phosphatidic acid essentially makes Primabol an all-in-one muscle building product that can help with lean mass gains, reduce body fat, and accelerate recovery.

You can find out more about Primeval Labs’ latest creation on its website where the brand has put together a pretty in-depth breakdown that’s well worth the read. On the site, you can now pre-order Primabol as well at a price of $74.99 for a full month’s supply.