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Primeval Labs reformulates and relaunches Neanderthal in capsules

primeval labs neanderthal

Primeval Labs has relaunched its testosterone boosting supplement Neanderthal as a capsule formula with a different set of ingredients. It is still a natural testosterone product designed to enhance the production of testosterone and help with estrogen conversion.

The combination of ingredients in Primeval Labs’ new Neanderthal capsules is as mentioned, different from the original powder version. In total it features six main ingredients, three of which are from the powder Neanderthal, and most of them have been dosed differently.

The three ingredients Primeval Labs has carried over are Sensoril ashwagandha, now at 750mg per serving, 10mg of boron, and 400mg of maca powder. The other half of the new Neanderthal formula is made up of 300mg of longjack, 400mg of fenugreek, and then lastly 5mg of black pepper to enhance absorption of everything.

primeval labs neanderthal

For those interested in the ingredients that are not in the capsule edition but are in the original powder Neanderthal, there are a total of four. They are carnitine tartrate, mucuna pruriens (l-dopa), DIM, and d-aspartic acid which in the powder is dosed at 3g per serving.

Primeval Labs is celebrating the launch of its reformulated and transformed Neanderthal today with a limited time deal where you get two bottles for the price of one at $59.99. The promotion works out to only $30 per bottle, with no coupon required, just visit the brand’s website and add one Neanderthal to your cart.