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Protolyte is now available in two all-natural flavor options

protolyte naturals

VMI Sports has launched a new, all-natural alternative for its flagship protein powder, the whey isolate powered Protolyte. The product has appropriately been named Protolyte Naturals, which features everythig the original version does with one difference.

As mentioned, VMI Sports new Protolyte Naturals is an all-natural protein powder. The one thing separating it from the regular Protolyte is that it doesn’t use any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners in either of its two flavors, Chocolate Fudge Cookie or Vanilla Cake Batter.

Protolyte Naturals is sweetened with stevia, but outside of that, it has everything that makes the original so great. It still has high-quality, fast absorbing whey isolate as its only source of protein, along with an enzyme blend to help with digestion and TRAACS chelate-bonded minerals for better hydration.

The nutrition profile of Protolyte Naturals is also slightly different from Protolyte, with a not as lean mix of macros. Depending on the flavor, each serving provides 21 to 23g of protein instead of 25g like the original, around a gram of carbohydrates, less than a gram of fat, and between 100 to 105 calories.

VMI Sports all-new natural protein powder is now available from its website for the same price as the regular Protolyte at $49.99. While the price is identical, the overall value is slightly different, as it has the same amount of servings per tub, but as mentioned, less protein per serving.