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Redcon1’s worldwide takeover continues with more international distributors

shredded diesel nutrition

As much as we’ve seen a lot of entirely new supplements and flavors from Redcon1 this year, we’ve also seen it grow equally as much in distribution. In 2018 the brand has expanded out into a number of new stores in the US, including the Vitamin Shoppe, as well as found its way into a number of other countries.

In the past couple of months, Redcon1 has continued that worldwide takeover and partnered with more companies for distribution in more countries. The brand has now joined forces with Wawan Protein for distribution in Oman, UAE, and Kuwait, Fitness Shop for Iraq, and Shredded Diesel Nutrition for Bahrain.

Basically, if you’re in any of those countries you can look forward to seeing the growing Redcon1 lineup on shelves sometime soon.

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