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Samson Labs Green Whey protein is powered by pea and whey isolate

samson labs green whey

Samson Labs, the brand behind the world’s first pre-workout in a pouch, Pre-Chaw. Is currently getting ready to enter into another supplement category with an all-natural product called Green Whey. The product is, of course, a protein powder, although it has a number of features you won’t get in a lot of other protein supplements.

Green Whey from Samson Labs is a relatively straightforward, but quality protein powder. Each serving provides 20g of protein from two isolate sources in pea and whey protein isolate. Its other macros are 4.5g of carbohydrates with 2g of that sugar, half a gram of fat, and 105 calories.

samson labs green whey

As mentioned, Samson Labs Green Whey has a few highlights you won’t find in a lot of other protein competitors. The product provides a handful of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals as well as high amounts of arginine thanks to its pea protein, and has absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Samson Labs is currently planning on launching its first ever protein powder at the beginning of next week on Monday the 23rd. Green Whey will be available through the brand’s own website in the one 24 serving tub size and the one Natural Vanilla Cream flavor.