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Class meets masculinity in Swole O’Clock’s new Classic Collection

swole o clock classic collection

Swole O’Clock is back again this month with another new family of watches that’s a little more classic or traditional than its usual big, bold designs. The brand’s new series is called the Classic Collection, which Swole O’Clock describes as simple but powerful, combining class and masculinity.

The all-new Swole O’Clock dress watch features a full stainless steel body and strap, with quality Analog Quartz Swiss Movement. It is water resistant up to 100 meters, has a sapphire crystal glass face, and hefty weight of 240 grams.

Design wise, Swole O’Clock’s Classic Collection watches have a number of features that give it a classic, elegant look and feel. It does however still have some things fans will recognize from the brand’s other watches including a bold adjustment wheel and some large bolts at the top and bottom.

swole o clock classic collection

Like all of Swole O’Clock’s designs, its Classic Collection watch comes in a variety of color options. There is the Eastwood with a silver body and black face, Connery with a bold body and white face, then the special edition Nicholson with a silver body, blue face, and Swiss Automatic movement.

The prices on the Swole O’Clock Classic Collection designs range from $209 all the way up to $459. The Eastwood and Connery are the cheaper ones at $209 and $259 respectively with the Nicholson being a lot more expensive at $459 due to its different movement and limited to only 300 units.

You can now pre-order any or all three of the Classic Collection timepieces from Swole O’Clock’s website. They’re due to ship in a few months from now on September 30th, and all come with a reliable two year warranty.

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