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Universal introduces its carbohydrate based formula Carb Max

universal carb max

The recently rebranded and veteran supplement company Universal Nutrition, has previewed a new product it has coming soon called Carb Max. As you could probably gather from the name, Universal Carb Max is a carbohydrate-based supplement that by the sounds of things, does have a relatively complex formula.

Universal hasn’t revealed everything for Carb Max yet, just a brief description and image of the product. From what’s been shared so far we can confirm that Carb Max features a fast and slow release carbohydrate formula with a blend of various carb sources including dextrose, waxy maize and trehalose.

There is also electrolytes in the mix, with the overall combination intended to help decrease muscle catabolism, promote faster recovery, improve hydration, and increase training intensity. When Carb Max does eventually hit shelves, it’ll be available in three 30 serving flavors with Fruit Punch, Orange, and Unflavored.