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Gamma Labs’ G Fuel Hydration is now available for purchase on Amazon

g fuel hydration

G Fuel Hydration, a spin-off of Gamma Labs’ original energy and focus supplement G Fuel, is now available on Amazon. The brand originally unveiled the product back in June confirming that it’s a caffeine-free formula featuring electrolytes for hydration, vitamins, and a gram of tyrosine for focus.

You can find G Fuel Hydration on Amazon in all four of its flavors, Dragon Fruit Punch, Blue Rocket Pop, Strawberry Lemonade, and Peach Pineapple. The price on a full 30 serving tub of the product is $24.99, however, if you order, stock isn’t due to ship immediately.

Amazon is currently listing future stocking dates for all of the G Fuel Hydration flavors. Stock of the Peach Pineapple option is due to arrive first on August 4th, then Dragon Fruit Punch, Blue Rocket Pop, and finally Strawberry Lemonade on August 11th.