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Xtend Energy is Scivation’s evolution of its energized amino Xtend Go

Scivation has launched an evolution of its 2015 released Xtend Go called Xtend Energy. Much like the original, the all-new Xtend Energy is the combination of the regular Xtend BCAAs’ main features and a couple of ingredients for a nice anytime energy boost.

For muscle building support and recovery, Xtend Energy has the same mix of aminos found in Xtend BCAAs except for glutamine. In each serving of Xtend Energy you get 7g of BCAAs at the studied 2:1:1 ratio, along with a gram of citrulline malate and for improved hydration, a 1.14g blend of electrolytes.

xtend energy

The rest of Scivation’s Xtend Energy formula is made up of two ingredients which are responsible for the supplement’s anytime energy. Alongside the aminos and electrolytes the product packs 125mg of caffeine from two sources, regular caffeine anhydrous and ZumXR delayed release caffeine.

Scivation’s Xtend Go evolution is now available in a number of locations including Amazon and Both of those places currently have the new Xtend Energy for the same price of $29.99 for a 30 serving tub, with all three flavors in Fruit Punch, Mango Nectar, and Blue Raspberry.