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Kaged’s energized Amino Synergy + Caffeine is exclusive to GNC

amino synergy

As posted yesterday, Kaged Muscle’s all-new EAA formula Amino Synergy, is now available in a number of locations. It turns out that if you actually want the caffeinated version of the supplement, you aren’t going to be able to go everywhere the brand is stocked.

Kaged Muscle’s Amino Synergy + Caffeine, which is the same as the regular version but with added organic caffeine and coconut water powder. Is, in fact, exclusive to the supplement retailer GNC, and is only going to be available there and through the brand’s own online store.

You can grab the new Amino Synergy + Caffeine now through both GNC and Kaged Muscle’s websites, with the former listing it for a dollar cheaper than the latter at $34.99 per tub.