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Mysterious Battle Shakers to be debuted at the Olympia Expo

battle shakers

Battle Shakers is an all-new shaker company that’ll be introducing itself and taking on the shaker market in the coming weeks. Currently, the brand has not revealed or confirmed anything about its upcoming supplement shakers, leaving everyone with just a teaser video for now.

The short 20-second teaser clip from Battle Shakers really only confirms when and where the brand plans on launching everything. The date and location Battle Shakers will debut its mysterious product or products, is Saturday the 15th of September at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas.

With so much secrecy and so little revealed at the moment about Battle Shakers, it’ll be interesting to see what the brand has come up with. The fact that it’s keeping everything under wraps six weeks out from its launch certainly suggests Battle Shakers won’t be your typical shaker.

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