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You can now swap unwanted supplements for Blackstone Labs products

blackstone supplement swap

Blackstone Labs has launched a very interesting program this week that we haven’t seen from a brand before called Supplement Swap. The idea is, you take any new supplements that you have, but don’t want anymore, and you can swap them for all-new, full-size Blackstone products.

You can trade in any sealed, non-expired supplement although it has to be within reason and value of the product you’re wanting to swap it for. A good example would be, you could trade in a pre-workout for the brand’s pre-workout, Dust V2, although not a basic creatine powder for Dust V2.

To get the process rolling for Blackstone Labs Supplement Swap you need to head to the brand’s website. Through there you simply confirm the product you want to trade in, name the product you would like in return, then enter in all your contact details.

Once you’ve completed the Supplement Swap form and submitted it, Blackstone Labs will reply within 24 hours during business days with details on how to mail in your trade-in. Once the brand receives the product and verifies everything, your requested supplement will be shipped out.

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