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Not4Pussy brand unveils its EAA supplement 4 Your Gainz Bro

4 your gainz bro

BPS Pharma has unveiled an all-new supplement that just like a number of its other products such as #Not4Pussy and #PussyCapz, has been given a unique name. The upcoming supplement is called 4 Your Gainz Bro, which while you may not be able to tell from its title, is an amino formula.

The new 4 Your Gainz Bro is said to be an EAA type amino product, meaning it will feature a blend of essential amino acids. We don’t know the doses of anything just yet or if the supplement packs all nine EAAs, although the German brand has said it also comes with a patented keto blend.

BPS Pharma plans on launching the uniquely named and formulated 4 Your Gainz Bro, in just over one weeks’ time on the first day of next month. The product will be available in four flavors with Pink Grapefruit, Peach Ice Tea, Lemon Lime, and the creative recipe Energy Bull.