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EVL unveils its Pump Mode capsules featuring dual capsule technology

pump mode capsules

EVL has put together an awesome new capsule version of its simple and effective stimulant-free, pump pre-workout Pump Mode. The new version uses a unique dual capsule technology that allows it to deliver ingredients in both liquid and capsule form for optimized absorption.

The EVL Pump Mode capsules feature all of the same muscle pump ingredients as the original powder with some at slightly different doses. The list includes the vitamins C and D, a gram of NO3-T betaine nitrate, and 900mg of glycerol, which is the ingredient the product delivers in liquid form for better bioavailability.

EVL has confirmed that its dual capsule Pump Mode is due to launch sometime within the next week and will be available first at It is also going to have slightly more servings per bottle than the powder version with a total 40 as opposed to 30.