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Primeval Labs previews its upcoming pre-workout Mega Pre Black

mega pre black

Primeval Labs has unveiled the supplement it’s been teasing a lot over the past few weeks, which has turned out to be an entirely new pre-workout formula. The exciting new product is actually a spin-off of Primeval’s stimulant free pre-workout Mega Pre, called Mega Pre Black.

The brand has confirmed that the new Mega Pre Black will be available alongside the original Mega Pre, as it is a different type of pre-workout. Primeval Labs hasn’t, unfortunately, revealed what the supplement’s point of difference is yet, although we have to suspect that it’s another well-dosed product but with stimulants.

More information on Primeval Labs’ new Mega Pre Black is expected to be shared very soon, including of course its no doubt, impressive formula. As far as we know, the exciting pre-workout is still due to release later this month, which should see the product out and available within the next couple of weeks.