Gamma Labs’ unique popping G Fuel Energy Crystals are here

Aug 23rd, 2018

Gamma Labs has launched its all-new way to fuel, with the very unique energy product, G Fuel Energy Crystals. The brand’s latest creation is a tube of crystals that start popping when you throw them in your mouth, creating quite a different experience compared to your typical energy powder and pills.

As far as effects go, Gamma Labs’ G Fuel Energy Crystals aim to provide a mix of energy, mental focus, and endurance, just like the original G Fuel powder. The formula behind the product also appears to be pretty much the same as the powder, although with slightly different doses.

g fuel energy crystals

The G Fuel Energy Crystals feature three blends of ingredients with a 740mg energy complex, 480mg focus complex, and a 65.4mg antioxidant complex. Each and every one of the G Fuel powder’s ingredients is in the mix including choline, tyrosine, and caffeine, which is dosed at 60mg per tube.

You can now purchase Gamma Labs’ unique energy experience over at The G Fuel Energy Crystals come in four flavor options with Blue Ice, Green Apple, Sour Cherry, and a variety set of all three, and can be purchased in packs of three single-serving tubes for $6.99 or six for $12.99.