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GAT Sport teases a mood and focus enhancing fat loss formula

gat burn teaser

GAT has shared a teaser image of an all-new supplement it has coming soon, designed to help users lose weight. The picture features an upcoming product that’s slightly covered by the word “caution”, leaving just a fraction of its top and bottom visible.

It is in the bottom section where we get confirmation that the new GAT supplement is some sort of weight loss formula. You can see the words “subcutaneous fat burning” and “supports mood & focus”, which are effects that suggest to us it’s in for the popular weight loss category.

A few other things we get from GAT’s teaser image are that the product is a flavored formula, and that the second or latter part of its name is “Burn”. The brand seems to have covered up the main title, which could be something entirely new or the continuation of one of the brand’s established names like JetFuel.

GAT doesn’t usually take too long to unveil a supplement after it’s teased it, so more information on the mystery weight loss powder should be along soon.

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