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Justine’s Cookies launches a limited edition Ginger and Spice Protein Cookie

ginger spice justines cookies

As we’ve seen it do several times before, Justine’s Cookies has launched another limited edition cookie flavor. This time around however, unlike back in April and May, the brand’s limited time option is for its full-size, 64g Protein Cookie.

The name of the new flavor is Ginger and Spice, which according to the brand is “One teaspoon of Ginger and one pinch of Spice, heaps and heaps of all things nice!” It features a typical Justine’s Protein Cookie nutrition profile with 17.7g of protein, 12.8g of fat, just 1.5g of carbohydrates, and a total of 257 calories.

The Ginger and Spice Justine’s Protein Cookie is now available through the brand’s website for a rather special price. The product comes in packs of 24, and instead of costing Justine’s usual direct price of $50 (32.87 USD) per 12, the limited edition flavor is currently $68.77 (45.21 USD) for all 24 cookies.