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Max Effort Muscle previews its focus supplement Amphetamax


As it’s done many times before, in preparation for the launch of an all-new supplement it has coming soon, Max Effort Muscle has shared a small preview of that supplement. The product the brand plans on launching sometime soon is Amphetamax, which based on what Max Effort Muscle is saying, sounds quite promising.

According to the brand, Amphetamax is a naturally occurring cognitive enhancement supplement, so essentially a focus or nootropic type product. Max Effort Muscle designed Amphetamax to help users be more productive in a number of situations whether you be work, school, or home.

We don’t know what any of Amphetamax’s ingredients are just yet, although Max Effort Muscle has said it uses the “best focus and cognitive enhancement compounds in the world!” The brand plans on releasing the promising supplement very soon through its website