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Muscletech’s ALA and turmeric powered Xenadrine Clear and Pure

xenadrine clear

Muscletech has introduced two all-new Xenadrine series supplements called Xenadrine Clear and Xenadrine Pure. Like all of the Xenadrine products, the new releases are both weight loss supporting supplements that can be used either individually or together as a stack for optimal results.

The key ingredients in the new Xenadrine products are alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and turmeric curcumin, that have proven in studies to have a synergistic effect on weight loss. Both Xenadrine Clear and Xenadrine Pure feature the same doses of those key ingredients with 400mg of ALA and 150mg of turmeric.

Xenadrine Clear vs Pure

Where the Muscletech Xenadrine supplements differ from one another is in their ingredients outside ALA and turmeric. Xenadrine Pure’s formula (label below) is completely stimulant free with its four other features being 800mg of apple cider vinegar powder, 100mg of garcinia, and 5.3mg of BioPerine black pepper.

xenadrine pure

As for Xenadrine Clear, it mostly separates itself from Xenadrine Pure (label below) by having a stimulant in the mix for energy. On top of the ALA and turmeric, Xenadrine Clear also includes safflower oil supplying 335mg of CLA, 290mg of MCTs, 200mg of naturally sourced caffeine, and once again, BioPerine to enhance the absorption of everything.

xenadrine clear

Where to buy

You can find out more about Muscletech’s Xenadrine Clear and Xenadrine Pure set over on the website As for purchasing either of the products, they’re both now available at GNC with the stimulant formula Xenadrine Clear priced at $69.99 and the stimulant free Xenadrine Pure at $49.99.