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New and improved Mutant Test features 18 active ingredients

Mutant Test

To go with all of the other supplements it’s rebranded and reformulated for 2018. This week Mutant has launched another updated product, with the item getting a complete makeover this time around being its testosterone boosting formula Mutant Test.

What is it

The goal of Mutant’s new and improved Mutant Test is still much the same as the original. The supplement is designed to optimize your testosterone levels to possibly provide great benefits such as improved recovery and energy, increased strength and libido, and a better sense of well-being.


What makes the 2018 version of Mutant Test different from its predecessor, is that it features a very different combination of ingredients. The previous Mutant Test brought together a relatively simple combination of three ingredients including MacaTest maca, TestoSurge fenugreek, and BioPerine black pepper.

Mutant Test

Instead of sticking with just three for its Mutant Test sequel, Mutant has loaded its new testosterone booster with an impressive 18 active ingredients. You can see its formula in the fully transparent label above with highlights such as a gram of fenugreek and half a gram of TestoSurge branded fenugreek.


Mutant fans that would like to purchase the brand’s revamped testosterone booster, can now do so through its website at The brand’s US online store has the product available at $51.99 for a full 30 serving box, which for a limited time currently comes with a free pill container.