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Outbreak turns Reclaim into capsules and adds grains of paradise

outbreak nutrition reclaim

The apocalytpic supplement company Outbreak Nutrition, has announced that it is reformulating its flavored fat burning product Reclaim. The brand is altering its formula slightly as well as actually changing it from a powder into a capsule supplement.

Outbreak Nutrition’s all-new Reclaim still promises to increase energy, enhance thermogenesis, and help users lose weight. Where things become different is that the capsule Reclaim doesn’t quite use the same combination of ingredients as its powder predecessor.

Regarding the formula of the pill Reclaim, the ingredients and doses from the powder fat burner are remaining except for the acetyl l-carnitine which has dropped in dose from a gram to 750mg. Outbreak Nutrition has also added in 50mg of the weight loss ingredient Paradoxine grains of paradise.

Outbreak Nutrition plans on unleashing its all-new Reclaim within the next three or four weeks in the same 30 servings bottle size. At the moment the brand is, in fact, clearing out the powder version on its website, discounting it from $34.99 down to $29.99 until all remaining stock is gone.