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Pure Amino switches to cans and introduces Pure Amino Water

pure amino vodka

The amino infused drink company from New Zealand, Pure Amino, has repackaged its unique on-the-go product into cans. The brand’s first release was Pure Amino Vodka, which combined light doses of the aminos taurine, glutamine, leucine, and carnitine, as well as vodka and sparkling water.

As mentioned, Pure Amino Vodka has been relaunched in sleek and slim, 330ml cans as opposed to its original 300ml bottles. There does, however, appear to be a formula change with the repackaging, as according to the new Pure Amino Vodka cans do not contain any added amino acids.

There is still vodka and sparkling water in Pure Amino Vodka, as well as under a gram of carbohydrates and no sugar. The brand has also launched Pure Amino Water, which is the combination of sparkling water and that original mix of four aminos, taurine, glutamine, leucine, and carnitine.

Both of Pure Amino’s new can products are expected to be available in New Zealand starting next week. Pure Amino Vodka and Pure Amino Water come in the same two flavor options with Coconut and Lemon.

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