Purus Labs launches a rewards program through its online store

Aug 3rd, 2018
purus labs rewards

Like a lot of other supplement companies have been doing lately, Purus Labs has just launched a new loyalty rewards program through the online store on its website. The brand has named the rewarding program “Homie Hookup Rewards” and it’s a very easy system to use.

Basically the way it works is, once you’ve made an account on the Purus Labs website, you can earn points that can then be redeemed for discount. There are five ways users can earn points including referring a friend, making purchases, and celebrating your birthday.

As for the rewards, they work out to be ten cents discount per point you have and can only be redeemed in certain amounts. For example 100 points gets you $10 off and 50 points get you $5. You can check it out for yourself at puruslabs.com by clicking the rewards button at the bottom of the page.

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