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REPP Sports is getting into energy drinks with Raze Energy

raze energy drink

REPP Sports has revealed that it is going to be jumping into one of the hottest categories of the year, sometime very soon. The brand has released an image that initially doesn’t seem to feature all that much, but on further inspection, it confirms some pretty exciting news.

It has been revealed that REPP Sports is going to be getting into the carbonated energy drink market with a product called Raze Energy. The details we know so far about the drink are that it has zero sugar, zero calories, and is coming in four flavors with Guava Mango, Watermelon, Strawberry Colada, and a green-themed option.

It is also worth mentioning that Raze is the name of REPP Sports’ fat burner, so there may be a lot more to Raze Energy than just a zero calorie energy drink. We’re not sure when the brand plans on releasing its Raze Energy drink, but it’s certainly going to be one we’ll make sure we get our hands on.

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