ZKK Labs launches its eight source plant-based protein Vegan Eight

Aug 2nd, 2018
zkk labs vegan eight

Zack King Khan’s supplement company ZKK Labs has added another supplement to its lineup with yet another protein-based formula. The point of difference with this one is that it is a vegan-friendly protein powder featuring an impressive eight different plant-based protein sources.

Each serving of ZKK Labs’ all-new Vegan Eight provides the usual 25g of protein, just a gram of carbohydrates, 2g of fat, and a light total of 120 calories. The protein sources providing that 25g of protein per serving are pea, brown rice, hemp, pumpkin seed, black bean, chickpea, kidney, and quinoa.

You can now grab the latest ZKK Labs supplement through its retail partner over in the UK, Supplement Shop. The store has priced Vegan Eight at £26 (34.02 USD) for a full-size, 33 serving tub with just the one Chocolate Mint flavor available to choose from.