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Introducing the Amazon Brand Revly and its go-anywhere gummies

amazon brand revly

Revly is yet another Amazon Brand that has popped up with a basic but fun lineup of eleven different vitamin supplements. All of the items from the brand come in flavored “go-anywhere” gummy form and feature just a single ingredient or a relatively straightforward formula.

The various products making up the Revly family pretty much explain what they are right in their names. The lineup consists of Vitamin B12, C, and D3, B-Complex, CoQ10, Melatonin, Calcium + D3, Turmeric + Black Pepper, Inulin Fiber, Biotin Complex, and the multivitamin Women’s Multi.

amazon brand revly

As mentioned, all of the Amazon Brand Revly supplements come in edible gummy form and are also gluten free as well as vegetarian (some vegan) friendly. The flavors of the gummies do vary from product to product, for example, Inulin Fiber’s are strawberry, orange and lemon flavored, while Melatonin’s are blueberry.

You can read more about each of the supplements in the Revly family over on Amazon where you can, of course, purchase them too. Their prices range from $13.99 up to $19.99 per bottle, with Amazon also having a sale on at the moment where you can save 25% on the entire Revly lineup.