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Axe and Sledge’s FarmFed is a grass-fed whey protein isolate

axe and sledge farmfed

Seth Feroce’s still very new supplement company Axe and Sledge, has unveiled its first new product since hitting the market back in June, which is for a category it currently isn’t competing in. The upcoming supplement is the high-quality, grass-fed whey isolate powered protein powder FarmFed.

The Axe and Sledge product features a fairly clean and simple formula providing 22g of protein per serving with 3g of sugar, half a gram of fat, and 100 calories. FarmFed is also non-GMO, gluten-free, naturally flavored, and has an added enzyme blend to help with digestion.

axe and sledge farmfed

Axe and Sledge’s grass-fed whey isolate protein is due to launch soon in the one 840g, 30 serving tub size. FarmFed will be available in three different flavors with the traditional tastes Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Milkshake, and the more creative option, Cinnamon Apple Pie.