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New EVL CleanseMode combines cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar

evl apple cider vinegar

EVL has added a new, relatively straightforward supplement to its lineup this month with a product called CleanseMode. Its full name is actually CleanseMode Apple Cider Vinegar, which essentially describes what the latest EVL product is all about.

CleanseMode is a natural cleansing and digestion support supplement that is powered by just two main ingredients. Those two features making up the new EVL product are cayenne pepper dosed at 20mg per capsule, and of course as per its title, apple cider vinegar at half a gram per capsule.

Like with most of EVL’s new supplement releases, CleanseMode Apple Cider Vinegar is available first over on The online retailer has priced the product at $16.99 for a full-size, 60 capsule bottle which should last you 20 days when used as directed.