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Killer Labz unveils its more modern, but still hardcore rebrand

killer labz rebrand

The hardcore supplement company Killer Labz, has unveiled the rebrand it said was coming soon all the way back in June of this year. The brand’s new look sticks with the same mix of colors in black, red and white, however, everything else is very different.

The Killer Labz supplements no longer feature unique illustrations in the background; instead, they now have a consistent skull graphic. The layout of the information on the labels is also quite different, as well as the details displayed and the graphics representing the flavors.

The all-new Killer Labz branding is due to be rolled out before the end of the year and it isn’t the only thing changing. The brand has confirmed that along with the updated look it plans on making some changes to a few of its formulas including the pre-workouts Noxious and Destroyer.

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