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Introducing LA-RX’s sweet Amino Energy Probiotics gummies

la-rx amino energy probiotics

At this weekend’s Olympia Expo we stumbled across the still very new supplement company LA-RX and its unique product Amino Energy Probiotics. What makes the product so different isn’t the variety of ingredients it brings together, but the form in which you consume them.

LA-RX’s Amino Energy Probiotics is a small, pocket-size bag packed full of ten extremely sweet and enjoyable gummies. Those gummies provide all three of the ingredients in the supplement’s title with per bag, 5g of BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio, 100mg of caffeine for energy, and DE 111 probiotics.

la-rx amino energy probiotics

We did get to sample the product at the Olympia, and as mentioned, the gummies are quite the treat. That does kind of make sense though as a full bag of the gummies has a total of 21g of carbohydrates with 16g of that being added sugar, for a total of 100 calories.

LA-RX’s Amino Energy Probiotics come in five flavors with Orange, Mango, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, and our favorite, Sour Green Apple. The brand is actually running a sale on its website in celebration of the Olympia where you can get 12 bags for $23.44 instead of the usual $34.99.