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Monster Energy files lawsuit against maker of Bang energy drink

monster suits bang energy

The Miami Herald reported yesterday that the major energy company Monster Energy has filed a lawsuit against VPX Sports (Vital Pharmaceuticals), the maker of the Bang energy drink. The suit consists of four complaints against the brand involving “unfair competition, false advertising and trade libel”.

“Monster is likely to suffer, has suffered, and will continue to suffer damages to its business and goodwill, the loss of sales and profits it would have made but for [VPX’s] wrongful acts, and increased advertising and marketing costs, all in an amount to be proven at trial”.

The story the Miami Herald posted goes into detail on a number of areas in the lawsuit. That includes topics such as Bang’s Super Creatine that is said to be “20 times more effective at reaching the brain than other forms of creatine” and the claim that “consumption of Bang can ‘reverse mental retardation'”.

You can read the full article by the Miami Herald over on its website at

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