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MDRN Athlete is releasing an EAA formula sometime in October

mdrn athlete eaas

The clinically dosed pre-workout simply titled PreWRKT, is currently the only supplement available from the still very new brand, MDRN Athlete. Sometime very soon that is actually finally going to change, as the brand has said it is now preparing to add another product to its lineup.

The details we can confirm so far are that the second MDRN Athlete supplement will be an amino and hydration formula. We also know that on the amino side of things, the product is going to feature all nine essential amino acids, although we don’t yet know what kind of dose they’ll be at.

According to MDRN Athlete, its first entirely new supplement is roughly between two to six weeks away from launch. It is due to drop somewhere during the month of October with the usual 30 servings per tub and with at least one flavor to choose from in Green Apple.