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First look at Ignit3 rounds out Olympus Labs’ week of previews


To round out a week where we’ve seen Olympus Labs preview six new supplements, the brand has shared the first look at yet another new product it has coming soon. Just yesterday Olympus Labs announced that it’s releasing two new versions of its fat burner BloodShr3d, now today it’s confirmed it also has a new version of its capsule fat burner, Ignit3.

Unlike with BloodShr3d and the pre-workout I Am Suprem3, there is only going to be the one regular edition of the new Ignit3. So far all that Olympus Labs has said about the upcoming supplement is that it’s an upgraded version of the current Ignit3 which is a rather comprehensive product designed to suppress appetite, increase energy, and help burn fat.

Olympus Labs has said that Ignit3, as well as its two versions of BloodShr3d, the pre-workout I Am Suprem3, and Superior Protein, are due to be out and available sometime next month. They’re expected to be introduced through the brand’s own online store over at