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Promera completely revamps its line with a new look and ingredients

Promera Sports has completely overhauled its line of supplements, rebranding each and every item as well as reformulating the majority of them. The brand’s new look is actually quite similar to its previous one, although the products now have their own individual colors.

The consistent theme with the few supplements Promera Sports has reformulated is that they incorporate HCl ingredients, like the brand’s signature Con-Cret creatine HCl. These forms of compounds are said to provide better bioavailability, support enhanced performance, and reduce the required dosing.

The products Promera Sports has updated include the fat burner Burn which now features carnitine HCl. The brand’s two pre-workouts have also been reformulated with Pre now featuring acetyl-l-carnitine and citrulline HCl, and Pump with just citrulline HCl, but at a higher dose than Pre.

Another change Promera Sports has made that actually applies to its entire line of products is that it no longer uses any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. The brand has transformed every single supplement into a 100% natural formula, including its protein powder Whey 80.

The revamped Promera Sports is due to be available in just over one week’s time on Monday the 8th of October. The brand has already updated its website to reflect the rebranding and reformulations, which is also where you’ll want to go when that launch date rolls around.