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Swft Stims all-new Swft Pump line featuring Vaso6 and GlycerPump

swft pump

The simple stimulant supplement company Swft Stims has unveiled a new line of products it plans on launching next week, that doesn’t actually involve stimulants. Coming soon from Swft Stims is the Swft Pump collection which is made up of two different supplements named Vaso6 and GlyerPump.

The new Swft Stims Swft Pump products are named after their main ingredients with Vaso6 featuring Vaso6 and GlycerPump with GlycerPump glycerol. They’re both designed to help enhance muscle pumps with Vaso6 packing 30, single capsule servings per bottle and GlyerPump packing 45 servings.

As mentioned, Swft Stims plans on making both Vaso6 and GlycerPump available for purchase sometime next week. Like all of the brand’s new supplement releases, the Swft Pump series will be in stock first over on A1 Supplements’ website.

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