Zack King Khan’s ZKK Labs unveils its EAA and BCAA formula

zkk labs muscle builder

Zack King Khan’s brand ZKK Labs, has introduced an entirely new supplement to its lineup this week with the simply named product, Muscle Builder. It is a plant-based amino supplement designed for use before, during, and after your workout.

Regarding the formula behind ZKK Labs Muscle Builder, we don’t yet know any of its doses, only what its main ingredients are. The brand says that Muscle Builder is a complete BCAA, EAA, and glutamine product that’ll be available in unique flavors such as Black Jack, Mojito, and Cosmopolitan.

According to ZKK Labs, its all-new amino based Muscle Builder will be released over in the UK sometime before the end of next week. The supplement is expected to be in stock and available for purchase first through the brand’s major retailer

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