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3D Energy unveils its new Purple, Orange and Yellow flavors

3d energy drink

Christian Guzman’s 3D Energy has unveiled the three new energy drink flavors it said it was working on back in early August. Like with all of the brand’s drinks, the flavors don’t have any names, all there is are their colors that represent their individual tastes.

The colors of the new flavors coming soon to the 3D Energy drink are Purple, Orange, and Yellow. We obviously don’t know what they taste like just yet but if we had to guess the Purple is probably some sort of grape recipe, Orange is a citrus flavor, and Yellow maybe lemon or pineapple.

Alongside the unveiling of its upcoming energy drink flavors, 3D Energy has said, “2019 is going to be…” While we’re not sure when the brand plans on launching its new options, that line does make it sound like we’ll be seeing them out and available closer to next year.

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