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Animal Starter Kit packed full of trial sizes and coming soon to Amazon

animal starter kit

The hardcore supplement company Animal, has put together an awesome introductory product called the Animal Starter Kit. It features sample sizes of a bunch of its best supplements all packaged into a nice little box along with a white on black Animal iconic shaker.

There are a total of four supplements packed into the Animal Starter Kit, with each one squeezing in just a handful of servings. It includes seven serving tubs of the legendary Animal Pak and reliable Animal Flex, a four serving Animal Whey, and a five serving tub of the pre-workout Animal Fury.

We’re not sure exactly how much the Animal Starter Kit is going to cost, although we don’t imagine it being too much seeing as it’s a trial size set. We can confirm that when the product does eventually arrive, you’ll be able to purchase it from Amazon, where it is in fact already listing.