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Barebells has put together a holiday flavor for its #1 rated protein bar

barebells christmas flavor

Our favorite protein bar in the world, the sweet and delicious Barebells Protein Bar, is getting an all-new flavor. Just like the other Swedish company NOCCO, Barebells has revealed that it is launching protein bar option for the holiday season, although it hasn’t said what flavor it is.

At the moment the functional food brand is teasing its upcoming release with shorts shots of parts of the product. All we can see is that it’ll feature a Christmas themed wrapper with Santa, his sleigh, and reindeer; a black, gold, and green color scheme; and it has the word “Chocolate” in its name.

Our current guess is a mint chocolate Barebells Protein Bar purely because of the colors, time of year, and the inclusion of the word “Chocolate” in its title. We also suspect we’ll be getting a full reveal of the product very soon as Barebells has already teased it twice in the past couple of days.