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Blackstone Labs discontinues its real food formula Fast Food

blackstone labs fast food

Two years ago Blackstone Labs launched the real food formula Fast Food which promotes itself as a mass gainer as well as a meal replacement. It features ingredients like brown rice protein, sweet potato powder, and yams, and provides an even balance of 20g of carbs, 10g of protein, and 5g of fat per serving.

This week Blackstone Labs has announced that it is officially discontinuing Fast Food and its one flavor, Candied Yams. The brand has said that “it moved slower than anything else” and is now completely clearing out the 300 4.4lb tubs it has remaining through the online store on its website.

Blackstone Labs has also discounted Fast Food by 30%, dropping it from its usual price of $74.99 down to $52.49. Any regular coupon codes you use do work on top of that 30%, including the ongoing “SAVE20ATCHECKOUT”, which discounts Fast Food even further down to $42 per 56 serving tub.